Artistry Cosmetics has been around since 1968 and is among the top 5 cosmetic brands sold around the world. They offer more than 400 fantastic products ranging from basic skin care to top of the line cosmetics. There are four separate lines of skin care available; Pure White, Time Defiance, Creme L/X, and Essentials. Each… Read More

Are you plain fed up with trying one firming lotion after another and not getting any results? You aren’t alone in your frustrations. There are so many skin care companies out there taking advantage of consumers. Have you seen what they charge for brand name firming creams these days? The worst part about it is… Read More

Is it time to start using an anti aging face cream? Are you too young or are you too wrinkled already that nothing will do the trick for you anymore? Well, you are never too late to start taking care of yourself and to start moving towards a better complexion and you’re never too young… Read More

If you are conscious about skin care, then you are most likely maintaining a natural face cream to keep it smooth, supple and healthy-looking. Let us find out about Kaolin, one special ingredient in facial masks that is ideal to have because of its tremendous skin care benefits. A good natural face cream can go… Read More

Having a business related to beauty and wellness could be very lucrative. Year after year, billions of dollars are spent not only in America, but all over the world just on cosmetics, skin care and other beauty products. This is why it is not really surprising to see beauty related ventures sprouting all over town.… Read More

Each morning is a challenge for busy women – rushing around the home to prepare breakfast, finishing other tasks from the office, and whole lot more! So, how about your beauty routine? You might be skipping it. Oh no! That’s not good if you’re doing so. Especially when it comes to your skin care, you… Read More

The Benefits of Dandelion Now this is a strange one. As I pondered over all the seemingly “unique” beauty products I own-oatmeal face cleansers and powdered vegan toothpaste-I thought to myself: a dandelion face mask certainly tops the “unique” list. But are you aware of what dandelions-yes, that weed we’re so intent on destroying-can do… Read More

You may have heard skin care experts debating the pros and cons of using a facial toner. Some feel they are an essential part of any good skin care routine, while others feel they are unnecessary. For example, some dermatologists only recommend alcohol based toners for oily skin, and feel that all other skin types… Read More

While the end of the year brings holidays, vacations and family time, it’s not all fun and games. Winter woes tend to explode in December – shoveling, shivering and, for many, very dry skin. For men, dry skin can be exacerbated by shaving, making the face a particular area of concern; another key sensitive spot… Read More

A high quality organic face cream seems to be what is on the minds of many people nowadays. They are hoping to find that antioxidant face cream organic ingredients will give them the healthy results that they have been looking for. Good luck finding one though. Finding a high quality organic face cream can be… Read More

Why would you want to buy a specific skin care product? Maybe it’s because it tightens your skin or keeps it hydrated. Here are the benefits of using Gentle Magic Skin Care. Gentle Magic Skin Care is an affordable range of products that enhances the skin on your face. The product is light enhancing and… Read More

Healthy skin is important to everyone. Your face is the most important part of your body, because its what every looks at first and great facial skin is the first step to creating a fresh, beautiful appearance. Your face requires the proper skin serums and a daily regimen to keep it fresh and beautiful. The… Read More

What Is An Emulsion? Lotions, liniments, massage oils, creams and compresses are all external preparations such as moisturisers but are also used to treat conditions such as skin problems and rashes, to relieve bruising, aches and pains. But what is an emulsion and what does it actually mean. All of these products tend to be… Read More

Looking for anti-aging skin care products that do not require surgery and is cheaper than a conventional face lift? Let me introduce to you a non-surgical wrinkle reducer product called Artistry Luxury Creme! As we get older, our cellular energy slows down, causing the skin lose elasticity, firmness and radiance. Artistry developed a new technology… Read More

Guys, it’s time for some straight talk on a subject that, let’s admit it, many of you seldom think about until it’s too late. No, I’m not talking about life insurance. I’m not talking about filling up the propane tank before the big barbecue. And I’m not even talking about replacing those jeans you bought… Read More

There are a few signs that tell you that you’re a masculine man – you know, a guy’s guy. For starters, you know for a fact that four wheel drive is hardly optional, that pick-up trucks aren’t mere trucks – they’re machines – and anyone with any common sense better respect that. And that the… Read More

Ideally natural face care products would be free from harmful ingredients such as parables, sulfates and PEGs. Parabens can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, parables are used in toiletries and cosmetics to preserve them, parables help to stop the growth of molds, fungi & bacteria. Parabens are considered to be harmful for health. Natural… Read More

A face that is beautiful and impeccable – is it not that all of us desire? When you stop to look in the mirror as you are passing by, do you not wish those faults to just disappear somehow? Everyone wants their skin to remain like it was when they were little kids; all smooth,… Read More